Swift Current Pea & Lentil Trials

“Yields from the trials were well below average due to the hot dry weather in July and August. Flowering was terminated prematurely due to the intense heat and very dry conditions.

There were no visual differences observed through the growing season between treatments and no significant differences in lentil yield. Growing conditions were not conducive to proper nodulation. This was evident in the lentils.

We did, however, see a slightly significant yield advantage to the Kenobie treatment in peas. This may be the result of a deeper seeding depth for peas, giving additional protection the rhizobia.

We would likely have seen treatment differences had weather conditions been more favourable. Providing producers with a pre-packaged inoculant option, offers producers convenience during a busy seeding operation. This product was clean and easy to seed.”

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Written by Bryan Nybo Wheatland Conservation Area Inc. P.O. Box 2015 Swift Current, Saskatchewan S9H 4M7 Ph. # (306) 778-7289 Fax # (306) 773-4775

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