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Efficiency helps to ensure that you deliver the highest number of viable bacteria to the Root, since Nitrogen is one of the most limiting elements in agriculture production, and one of the most expensive to purchase as fertilizer.

Nitrogen fixing plants are beneficial in many areas of sustainable Agriculture. Although the plants themselves do not have the ability to use the Nitrogen gas in the air they can through a symbiotic association with Rhizobia bacteria take the Nitrogen gas in the atmosphere and are able to convert it into usable Nitrogen for the plant.

Amino Acids which are the building blocks for protein Rhizobia exchange Nitrogen for carbohydrates. Just planting Nitrogen fixing plants does not ensure that nitrogen will be accumulated, that will depend on the presence of the correct bacteria. There are many species of Rhizobia and each will only work with certain legumes.

Having the correct species of Rhizobia is imperative. With the correct Rhizobia present and sufficient Rhizobia available and the quantity to infect the roots and the Rhizobia need to be healthy, with all these we will see the symbiotic association that happens to produce a healthy higher yielding plant. Over the years Rhizobia in the soil can and do lose the ability to fix nitrogen, some can break the cycle of the symbiotic association and one side does not give.

Since the goal is to have as many viable Rhizobia anything we can do to increase and sustain the bacteria will definitely increase your financial bottom line. With custom inoculating we are making the process of attaching the bacteria more efficient, every seed is coated uniformly and accuracy is at its peak. With the polymer coating we are using a medium that has no harmful biocides which offers the bacteria an environment that will minimize desiccation and add some moisture to the environment as well. Rhizobia will dry out quickly once exposed to heat, light and the atmosphere, desiccation is rapid.

The polymer coating clearly slows this and adds longevity to Rhizobia; we have seen this in the extensive testing we have done over the last 8 years. Using a more efficient inoculation method when applying peat based inoculants is certainly the best way to ensure that you are getting your full potential in yield results and the biggest bang for your buck!

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