Kenobie Inc. was formed in March 2003 and is one the first companies on the Prairies to work with Polymer seed applied technology. We’ve made it our goal and our mission over the last 20 years to expand our knowledge and develop relationships across the industry that translate into an acute understanding for what western Canadian growers require for success in the farming community today.


Plantibility Polymer is formulated to keep valuable seed treatments investment on the seed and improves dust off and plant ability and increase seed crop efficiency.


Efficiency helps to ensure that you deliver the highest number of viable bacteria to the Root, because Nitrogen is one of the most limiting elements in agriculture production.


We're an exclusive distributor for polymer coating products formulated for western Canada growing conditions. We enhance your Inoculation process substantially.

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As growers and agricultural businesses today demand a complete seed product, here at Kenobie Inc. we continue to expand our knowledge through research geared towards growing the agricultural-based business of Polymer Seed coating. With specific vision for product use as it applies to custom inoculation for pulse crops and as a carrier for seed treatments, micro nutrients, adherence of seed treatments and seed dressings.

Kenobie Inc confidently provides a product that can excel on multiple levels for increased crop production, is focused on your success, and is invested in R&D to formulate products that meet the needs of Western Canadian Growers.

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"I like the convenience of the system and the yield is comparable to granular on lentils at almost half the cost"

Regina, Saskatchewan

"Being able to treat everything ahead with Polymer gives us the ability to manage our time more efficiently."

Regina, Saskatchewan

"Convenience, no messing with slurry, bags and plugged auger etc... Saves me time at seeding. My seeding rates stays constant."

Mortlach, Saskatchewan

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